RV-7? What are you talking about?

It's the airplane that I've decided to build. After changing my mind way too many times about what I wanted to build, I finally ordered an empennage kit and and will start transforming a pile of parts into the following airplane:

It's called an RV-7. It is made mostly of aluminum and comes as a kit that the future owner has to put together. It's like a big Mecano set which is one of the reasons I chose to build this airplane since I'm a novice. I like that it's an efficient (150 knots on 10 gal/hrs.) aircraft, which becomes more important as gas prices will continue to go up. I also like the idea that I can do some acrobatic when I want to.

I've already made some of the "big decisions": it will be a tailwheel and will have a sliding canopy. The rest will be dealt with when I have to, giving me more flexibility.

By building the airplane myself, I will gain the rights to perform my own maintenance. The main advantage to this is that I won't have to deal with the inconvenience of working on someone else schedule and will know what and how it was done. Most people think that the main advantage of doing your own maintenance is cutting down on ownership cost. I don't really agree with it as I can't do it as fast as a professional and know that my time is valuable. Enough talking, I've got to build this thing!

For more information you should visit:
www.vansaircraft.com which is the official website.
www.vansairforce.com which is a builder support forum.

The purpose of this site is not to be a "guide" on how to build an RV. Luckily others have already done that and I do check their logs for tips. Thanks guys! As you'll see, an "unkept diary" is the best description. When I get down to systems, I'll take more time to document how things are built and why; it should make maintenance easier.