Letter to www.planetools.com

To new RV builders, buying the required tools is the first big decision we make after picking our airplane. Most of us are lacking knowledge about sheet metal work and we must rely on the opinions of others. I only followed some of the advice given to rookies Ė which is to buy a complete RV tool kit and to add a few things. I ordered the RV tool kit from www.planetools.com, but I deleted some things and added others. Prior to even picking a tool company, thinking Iíd be slick, I had picked up a pneumatic squeezer on eBay. That was a big mistake as I got one with a crack on the body which I couldnít see due to clever picture taking. Additionally the trigger didnít workproperly. It was not a good experience, but you live and learn. Thankfully, www.planetools.com was willing to take back the extra yoke I ordered.

I had heard of www.planetools.com because they have satisfied many customers due to their price and customer service. I dealt with Shaun exclusively through e-mail, and out of all the companies I contacted, he was the quickest to answer and gives you exactly what you ask for. I wish he would have pushed me not to delete things. They put that tool kit together for a reason; they know that youíll need these things!

The order was sent via FedEx and was well packed. Everything was there, with the exception of the DRDT2 which is on backorder (I knew that when I ordered) and the pop rivet dimple dies. I sent an e-mail to Shaun and he immediately responded that some were headed my way; howís that for customer service? I already have placed a second order. This is because I didnít get the full kit; did I mention that you should get the full kit+ extras? Hopefully, youíll learn from my mistake.

Iím not the type of person to write a thank you letter to a company, I think giving them money for the services rendered it enough. However, in this case, I hope that Iíll help future builders and itís a good way to thank a business that deserves it.

Good luck with your project,

Paul Thomas